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R & D

In the twenty-first century no one discusses the value of technology. Research, Development and Innovation Technology are strategic variables of the first order of magnitude.

However, the degree of concern for Technology, taken as the practical application of scientific and technical development of product and process knowledge, varies from company to company. This concern arises from the generation of new ideas and innovation. R&D and Technology Innovation empowers people to the market lead, and therefore become strategic concerns. The acceleration of technological change demands this mindset.

However, the innovation technology strategy of a company should be driven by taking into account the major goals that can be achieved, such as competitive advantage based on technology differentiation and considerable cost reduction among others.

For these reasons, PROINGEC CONSULTORIA, either for engineering or consulting services improvemnet is investing many resources (human, financial and technological) in the study, design and development of new ideas, processes, prototypes and technology projects either for its customers or for its own internal development in order to increase the added value given to customers.

Dynamism, flexibility, continuous technology recycling and innovation, extensive experience and high qualifications of our engineers and team of contractors, are a guarantee of quality and success in this area.


Study, development and manufacture of electronic intelligent control systems, communication and data acquisition

Design of a high efficiency water condensation machine from ambient air powered by renewable energy

Design, description and specification of several utility models for patent application, conducted on behalf of the inventor

Design and execution of installation of total energy plant

Study and development of power generation based on renewable energy efficient, innovative concepts and cost-effective solutions

Study and development of systems for renewable energy generation exclusively for own consumption with complete disconnection from the grid

Complete projects for energy savings in industrial buildings, clinics, hospitals, residential buildings and shopping centres

Analysis of technological, economic and financial situation of company computer systems and networks and transmission business feasibility plan

Property developers

Re-engineering processes and product design and energy saving

Design station for processing automated manufacturing and packaging blankets heather

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